2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 1

This month’s theme is ‘Hands and Feet.’ Let’s get into it!

Day 90 - Tiny fingers and toes

Day 90 – Tiny fingers and toes

I was planning to get a picture of my baby sucking on his toes for my first shot this month, something he loves to do. This time, however, he thought the whole thing was just too funny and was too busy laughing. I did manage to get this cute shot of his little fingers and toes though. I’ll try again for the toe sucking shot later in the month :)

Day 92 - My hands

Day 92 – My hands

My hands are many things: Daughter hands. Sister hands. Wife hands. Mother hands. Friend hands.

Day 93 - Monkey hands

Day 93 – Monkey hands

It’s Spring Break, so we headed to the park with some friends. I love this shot of them hanging like monkeys on the bars :)

Day 94 - Sandy feet

Day 94 – Sandy feet

My two boys were playing in the sandbox, so I had to get a shot of their sandy toes.

Day 95 - Busy hands

Day 95 – Busy hands

My son LOVES his train track. He usually asks me to put it together, but he likes to help.

Day 96 - Petting hands

Day 96 – Petting hands

My son again. He adores our kitty, and she is very tolerant of him. They have been close friends since he was born.

Day 97 - Sunshiny feet

Day 97 – Sunshiny feet

My feet! I was hanging out in the back yard while the boys played, and I wanted to get a shot of my feet ‘relaxing.’ I tried shooting them just laying in the grass, then I laid down and put them up in the air. I loved the silhouette I got against the late afternoon sun. Then I got this shot of the sun peeking through the gap between my toes, and it quickly became one of my favorites!







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