2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 2

Day 98 - Hungry hands

Day 98 – Hungry hands

This was a spur of the moment shot. I was downloading some other pictures from my camera onto my computer, and Evan was laying happily on the floor sucking on some watermelon. I noticed how cute his hands looked as he fed himself, and grabbed a shot. I used the widest aperture I could so his face is just a little out of focus, to draw attention to the hands which are the true subject of the photo. Also, I love how his little pinky finger is up – so sophisticated!

Day 99 - 100 days hands!

Day 99 – Furry feet

My kitty-cat’s lovely soft paws, for something a little different :)

100 days hands!

100 days hands!

Can you believe we’re already 100 days into 2013? I used my two older kids to make me a ‘100’ with their hands :)

Day 101 - Happy feet

Day 101 – Happy feet

My kids again – feet this time obviously! They loved doing this. They couldn’t stop giggling when I was trying to draw the faces on!

Day 102 - Arty hands

Day 102 – Arty hands

This was another fun one, and one that will be lovely to keep for years to come. I let the two older kids choose which color they wanted. Evan was a little tricky, as he doesn’t like opening his hands very much, so getting the paint on, then getting him to open his hands and put them on the paper was a challenge. A messy challenge! I love the result though.

Day 103 - Running feet

Day 103 – Running feet

My daughter had a fun run at her school to raise money to improve their technology. I managed to get a nice shot of her running for this project. In the original photo the focus wasn’t quite right, the grass just behind her foot was sharper than her sneaker. So I had to sharpen her foot and blur the grass to get the correct look.

Day 104 - Butterfly feet

Day 104 – Butterfly feet

I saw this on the web when I was looking for ideas, and definitely wanted to try it. Another fun paint project that the kids loved doing. I didn’t bother trying to get Evan’s feet though, I thought that would be just too much work!







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