366 Macro World – Day 17

17/366 – Nutcracker.

Just a little Nutcracker ornament hanging out in my son’s bedroom.



366 Macro World – Day 9

9/366 – Glitter snow globe.

We’re putting our Christmas decorations away this weekend, so I decided to get a closeup shot of one of our snow globes. It’s a snowman shape and has glitter in the belly instead of snow, and it has a light inside that changes color. It’s very pretty, both actual size and closeup.


366 Macro World – Day 7

7/366 – Happy Russian Christmas! Today is Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar. My mother-in-law was a daughter of Ukrainian immigrants (Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic) and taught her children about this difference of when folks celebrated Christmas. So they celebrated both ‘Normal’ Christmas and ‘Little’ or ‘Russian’ Christmas. My husband and I keep the tradition alive in our family as well and we celebrate both Christmas days. ‘Russian Santa’ leaves a few small gifts in our stockings, and the kids love that Christmas doesn’t end on December 26th.