366 Macro World – Days 89-101

I got really behind while my family was here visiting, so this is my big catch up! Captions on individual photos to say what days they are and what they are:)

89/366 – Is this rosebud singing?


90/366 – Wooden owl picture my grandfather made for me not long before he died. It’s pieced together kind of like a puzzle, and it’s awesome.


91/366 – Dried leaf.


92/366 – Sugar.


93/366 – Slinky.


94/366 – Roots of a bean my 3-year-old planted at school, growing in a plastic cup.


95/366 – Apple blossom petal.


96/366 – Looking down on my metal bedpost.


97/366 – A sea of geraniums.


98/366 – Chocolate orange truffle tea. Soooo good!


99/366 – Raindrops.


100/366 – For day 100 – me and my lens in the mirror :)


101/366 – Raindrops on roses.



2013 Photo-a-day: February Week 1

Day 32

Day 32

This month’s theme is love, so I decided to start with a symbol of my husband’s love for me. I wanted a nice satiny background that would resemble a wedding dress, so I used my son’s baptism outfit that I had handy. I simply scrunched it up a little to give it some shape, and it worked great.

Day 33

Day 33

Many days this month I’ve been able to use events that were already planned for my photos, rather than needing to seek out and set up shots like last month. This is the first example of that. My children were invited to a birthday party, which included the customary piƱata. You can see by the look on the birthday girl’s face how much she is loving the game! You might think this was a lucky shot, but to get it I had to shoot continuously as she swung the pole, to ensure I got ‘the moment.’

Day 34

Day 34

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and the nation ground to a halt as everyone watched to see if the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens would win. Although we support the Pittsburgh Steelers in this house, the family still enjoyed the game.

Day 35

Day 35

My daughter made this hairband with a kit she got for Christmas. She noticed my hair was getting in my eyes (because I’m overdue for a haircut) so she gave me the hairband to wear. How could I refuse? Luckily it is pretty cute, and just happened to match my sweater. To get the shot I simply put my camera at one end of the table, set the timer, and sat at the other end. Confession time – I did airbrush out a few wrinkles in Photoshop :)

Day 36

Day 36

My daughter had to do a ‘100 project’ to celebrate the 100th day of school. We talked about what she should do at length, and she threw out all my ideas, until I suggested she take 100 photos with my camera. She jumped at that idea! And it turns out she has a good eye – she got some really good shots (see the end of the post for a picture of her final project). I love that my love of photography is spreading. She used my old D40 camera. I bumped up the white balance to give this picture a really warm feel – her hair is not actually that red.

Day 37

Day 37

These are 2 of my closest friends. We started a new bible study together last month, and try and meet weekly to discuss what we are learning. The love shared between good friends is indescribable and priceless. The fact that we are sharing our love of Jesus with other only strengthens that bond and makes it that much more special.

Day 38

Day 38

My mum has not been able to visit us for a year due to her commitment to care for her own mother back in England. She obviously misses her grandchildren very much, but her love reaches across the miles. She made this hat and cuffs set by hand (crocheted) and mailed them to us. It was a lovely surprise for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's 100 Days of School project

Elizabeth’s 100 Days of School project