366 Macro World – Day 46

46/366 – He’ll always be my baby.

My oldest son turned 8 today. I wanted to get a picture to show our connection, and I always loved when my kids held my thumb like this when they were babies :)



366 Macro World – Day 43

43/366 – A shiny gift.

My 8-year-old son spotted this on the walk to school this morning. “Mama, look! It’s shiny!” he said, then gave it to me :)


366 Macro World – Day 12

12/366 – Eye spy.

My littlest love didn’t want me taking pictures today, and kept getting in my way. Amazingly I was able to get this shot when he stopped moving for a second. When I got the picture on my computer and could see all the detail in his iris I was enthralled by the patterns and colors!


Here’s a closer crop so you can really see all the detail.


And here are the outtakes :)