366 Macro World – Days 89-101

I got really behind while my family was here visiting, so this is my big catch up! Captions on individual photos to say what days they are and what they are:)

89/366 – Is this rosebud singing?


90/366 – Wooden owl picture my grandfather made for me not long before he died. It’s pieced together kind of like a puzzle, and it’s awesome.


91/366 – Dried leaf.


92/366 – Sugar.


93/366 – Slinky.


94/366 – Roots of a bean my 3-year-old planted at school, growing in a plastic cup.


95/366 – Apple blossom petal.


96/366 – Looking down on my metal bedpost.


97/366 – A sea of geraniums.


98/366 – Chocolate orange truffle tea. Soooo good!


99/366 – Raindrops.


100/366 – For day 100 – me and my lens in the mirror :)


101/366 – Raindrops on roses.



2013 Photo-a-day: January Week 3

Day 15

Day 15

I’ve been struggling a little with the theme I set myself for this month – winter. I had a few obvious shots I wanted to get that represent winter, but some days I have to look really hard to find something that fits the theme. Other days the shots just jump right out at me. When I went in to wake my son up this morning, I spotted his little foot poking out from under the warm blankets, and I had to get a picture. This represents how hard it is to get out of bed on those cold, dark winter mornings!

Day 16

Day 16

With winter comes the new year, and with the new year comes resolutions. One of mine was to make more of an effort to find time daily for reading my bible. To that end I have started TWO new bible studies this week. One is with my MOMS group – we meet twice a month and are using the ‘My Soul Magnifies the Lord’ book. The subtitle is ‘A Scriptural Journey with Mary.’ So far it’s been really good. The other study I am doing is a daily one, which fits with my goal for the new year. It is an online study called Good Morning Girls. We are studying the first 8 chapters of Luke (one chapter a week), and use the SOAP method of study. I am LOVING it! It is quick and simple, but every day I am finding something in the verses I study that calls to me. I’m enjoying it so much I have started blogging my daily reflections.

Day 17

Day 17

My hubby got me these for Christmas. So cozy and warm!

Day 18

Day 18

I wanted to shoot something that represented winter as death. Wandering round my garden I found this poor old sunflower – perfect! I used a wide aperture to blur out the background as much as possible, and I really love how this came out. It didn’t get any comments on my Facebook page, but it’s one of my favorites of the month.

Day 19

Day 19

So, most of my pictures of the winter theme have focused on the fact that winter is cold. But in California – not so much! Once the sun is up we have some lovely warm days. This weekend the kids really wanted to get back into their sandbox. I used a fast shutter speed to capture that falling sand, and a little bit of flash since they were sitting in the shade.

Day 20

Day 20

Another one of those times when a picture just presented itself to me unexpectedly. I had to go to church to take some pictures for the RCIA group. As I walked into the chapel I came across this beautiful scene. Without hesitating I flicked on the camera and started shooting! This was a time where I absolutely had to get the shot, and worry about how it fit into the theme later! I went with the idea that the sun is so low in the winter that it was able to create the wonderful stained glass reflection on the floor. A little contrived? Maybe.

Day 21

Day 21

I shot a bare tree last week, but I had to do it again this week when I saw the fabulous shadows it was casting on the side of my house. I love how some of the shadows are sharp and others are more blurred.