366 Macro World – Day 16

16/366 – My bling.

The engagement ring is 12 years old, and the wedding ring is 11 years old. I wear them with love, honor and pride.



2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 3

Day 15 - Star hands

Day 15 – Star hands

This is another image I saw on the web and wanted to try. I think ideally you would use 5 different people with similar sized hands, but I did it with my husband and 2 older kids. I laid on the ground and shot straight up while they held their hands above me so I could get the blue sky in the background. It’s not a perfect star, but I love how it came out.

Day 16 - Dancing with Daddy feet

Day 16 – Dancing with Daddy feet

My daughter trying to dance standing on Daddy’s feet. What more can I say? :)

Day 17 - Sibling hands

Day 17 – Sibling hands

This is one of my favorite shots of the month so far. We did it outside to get nice light. The two older kids put their hands down first, then my husband held the baby over them and lowered his hand onto the top. I had to get to shot quickly as he almost immediately took his hand off again! A quick conversion to black and white gave it a lovely finish.

Day 18 - Mommy and me feet

Day 18 – Mommy and me feet

This is another one of those pictures that started with me trying to get something completely different. I wanted a shot of Evan’s feet sticking out in front of him, so that his feet were in focus but the rest of him was slightly blurred, so that he feet were the main focus of the picture. I discovered though that his legs aren’t long enough to give enough distance between his feet and his body to get the effect I wanted. So I’ll save that shot for one of the other kids. Instead I just started trying to get a cute shot of his feet, and I put one of mine in to show the difference in size. Result? Cute shot :)

Day 19 - Wet feet

Day 19 – Wet feet

My son’s preschool class went on a nature hike to a local creek, and I knew that would be a good opportunity to get some nice shots. They had a lot of fun wading in the shallow water, throwing stones and trying to catch something with their nets.

Day 20 - Holding hands

Day 20 – Holding hands

This is another shot from the nature hike. The kids had to hold an adult’s hand while we walked on the street, and my son chose to hold his teacher’s hand. He adores his teacher, and she was been wonderful with him this year, very patient and adapting to his needs. The original shot had their whole bodies in, and when I cropped in on their hands I lost some quality in the image. I still like it though.

Day 21 - Soccer feet

Day 21 – Soccer feet

My son again! He just started a 12 week soccer class, and he loves it! I’m not sure if he’s any good yet, but as this shot shows, at least he can kick the ball! I used my 50mm-200mm lens on full zoom to get in as close as I could on his feet from the sidelines.






2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 2

Day 98 - Hungry hands

Day 98 – Hungry hands

This was a spur of the moment shot. I was downloading some other pictures from my camera onto my computer, and Evan was laying happily on the floor sucking on some watermelon. I noticed how cute his hands looked as he fed himself, and grabbed a shot. I used the widest aperture I could so his face is just a little out of focus, to draw attention to the hands which are the true subject of the photo. Also, I love how his little pinky finger is up – so sophisticated!

Day 99 - 100 days hands!

Day 99 – Furry feet

My kitty-cat’s lovely soft paws, for something a little different :)

100 days hands!

100 days hands!

Can you believe we’re already 100 days into 2013? I used my two older kids to make me a ‘100’ with their hands :)

Day 101 - Happy feet

Day 101 – Happy feet

My kids again – feet this time obviously! They loved doing this. They couldn’t stop giggling when I was trying to draw the faces on!

Day 102 - Arty hands

Day 102 – Arty hands

This was another fun one, and one that will be lovely to keep for years to come. I let the two older kids choose which color they wanted. Evan was a little tricky, as he doesn’t like opening his hands very much, so getting the paint on, then getting him to open his hands and put them on the paper was a challenge. A messy challenge! I love the result though.

Day 103 - Running feet

Day 103 – Running feet

My daughter had a fun run at her school to raise money to improve their technology. I managed to get a nice shot of her running for this project. In the original photo the focus wasn’t quite right, the grass just behind her foot was sharper than her sneaker. So I had to sharpen her foot and blur the grass to get the correct look.

Day 104 - Butterfly feet

Day 104 – Butterfly feet

I saw this on the web when I was looking for ideas, and definitely wanted to try it. Another fun paint project that the kids loved doing. I didn’t bother trying to get Evan’s feet though, I thought that would be just too much work!






2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 1

This month’s theme is ‘Hands and Feet.’ Let’s get into it!

Day 90 - Tiny fingers and toes

Day 90 – Tiny fingers and toes

I was planning to get a picture of my baby sucking on his toes for my first shot this month, something he loves to do. This time, however, he thought the whole thing was just too funny and was too busy laughing. I did manage to get this cute shot of his little fingers and toes though. I’ll try again for the toe sucking shot later in the month :)

Day 92 - My hands

Day 92 – My hands

My hands are many things: Daughter hands. Sister hands. Wife hands. Mother hands. Friend hands.

Day 93 - Monkey hands

Day 93 – Monkey hands

It’s Spring Break, so we headed to the park with some friends. I love this shot of them hanging like monkeys on the bars :)

Day 94 - Sandy feet

Day 94 – Sandy feet

My two boys were playing in the sandbox, so I had to get a shot of their sandy toes.

Day 95 - Busy hands

Day 95 – Busy hands

My son LOVES his train track. He usually asks me to put it together, but he likes to help.

Day 96 - Petting hands

Day 96 – Petting hands

My son again. He adores our kitty, and she is very tolerant of him. They have been close friends since he was born.

Day 97 - Sunshiny feet

Day 97 – Sunshiny feet

My feet! I was hanging out in the back yard while the boys played, and I wanted to get a shot of my feet ‘relaxing.’ I tried shooting them just laying in the grass, then I laid down and put them up in the air. I loved the silhouette I got against the late afternoon sun. Then I got this shot of the sun peeking through the gap between my toes, and it quickly became one of my favorites!