366 Macro World – Day 27

27/366 – Window panes.

We have these odd windows in our house that have circular patterns on them. I love the way the light shines through them.



Seth Family April 2014

This was my second session with the Seth Family. This time we also included my client’s sister and her family, and their parents. My biggest group so far, but such fun! Here’s the review Neha wrote after her first session with me in December 2013:

We had a fantastic experience with Tracy! She took some gorgeous pictures of our family of five along with my 6 month old. Tracy was very professional. She gave us plenty of time between shots to change outfits for our baby. And was very patient even when baby was getting fussy. The best part about the whole experience was that the pictures turned out just beautiful. We are looking forward to our next shoot with Tracy!

Here is a selection of my favorite images from the latest session. Click here to see the full gallery.















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2013 Photo-a-day: April Week 1

This month’s theme is ‘Hands and Feet.’ Let’s get into it!

Day 90 - Tiny fingers and toes

Day 90 – Tiny fingers and toes

I was planning to get a picture of my baby sucking on his toes for my first shot this month, something he loves to do. This time, however, he thought the whole thing was just too funny and was too busy laughing. I did manage to get this cute shot of his little fingers and toes though. I’ll try again for the toe sucking shot later in the month :)

Day 92 - My hands

Day 92 – My hands

My hands are many things: Daughter hands. Sister hands. Wife hands. Mother hands. Friend hands.

Day 93 - Monkey hands

Day 93 – Monkey hands

It’s Spring Break, so we headed to the park with some friends. I love this shot of them hanging like monkeys on the bars :)

Day 94 - Sandy feet

Day 94 – Sandy feet

My two boys were playing in the sandbox, so I had to get a shot of their sandy toes.

Day 95 - Busy hands

Day 95 – Busy hands

My son LOVES his train track. He usually asks me to put it together, but he likes to help.

Day 96 - Petting hands

Day 96 – Petting hands

My son again. He adores our kitty, and she is very tolerant of him. They have been close friends since he was born.

Day 97 - Sunshiny feet

Day 97 – Sunshiny feet

My feet! I was hanging out in the back yard while the boys played, and I wanted to get a shot of my feet ‘relaxing.’ I tried shooting them just laying in the grass, then I laid down and put them up in the air. I loved the silhouette I got against the late afternoon sun. Then I got this shot of the sun peeking through the gap between my toes, and it quickly became one of my favorites!






2013 Photo-a-day: February Week 4

Day 53

Day 53

Love hearts, a traditional Valentine’s treat. I went outside so I could shoot these in natural light, and tried to arrange them so they looked like they had been casually dropped.

Day 54

Day 54

We’ve had some beautiful weather lately, so I decided to take advantage of it to get this shot. I love the heart shape of these leaves, and the shadow looks great too. To get the shot I had to hold the leaf in such a way that you could clearly see the heart shape of it and the shadow, as well as keeping my hand and the stalk out of the frame as much as possible. I actually tried cropping my fingers out completely, but that made it look like the leaf was floating, and looked a little weird.

Day 55

Day 55

My littlest love is ready for solid food! We’re taking it slowly, and on the advice of a friend we are letting him try things for himself rather than trying to force-spoonfeed him. I offered him some tomato flavored corn chip puff thingies, and he loved them! Although so far he prefers to suck them and then spit out the rest. It’s exciting to wonder what foods he will come to love though :)

Day 56

Day 56

This was an interesting shot, and not what I originally planned this day. I wanted to get a shot of the Chinese symbol for love, but in an interesting way. I also wanted to get a shot of the beautiful cherry blossom which had just started blooming, but couldn’t think of a way that it represented ‘love.’ So I decided to use the blossom to create the Chinese symbol for love. I printed out a large copy of it, then gathered some blossom and stuck it to the paper. My kids helped. It was fun, but we got a little ‘blossom happy,’ and by the end it was very hard to see the symbol at all, it just looked like a mass of blossom on white paper! So I came up with a plan B – I got a nice shot of the blossom and superimposed the symbol over the top. Although it was not what I originally wanted, I like the effect I ended up with.

Day 57

Day 57

My three little loves, also known as the Triple-E ;)  I wanted to get a shot of them together during my love-theme month, because the love between siblings is like no other. Edward looks up to his big sister, and Elizabeth is very protective of her brothers. Edward and Elizabeth both adore their baby brother, and Evan lights up whenever they’re around. I know the three of them will be best friends for life. I originally planned to shoot them sitting up together, as I have done before. I put them all in their ‘sibling shirts’ and got a couple of good shots of them sitting on the tiger blanket out in the backyard. Then I decided to to lay them down and try and get their heads close together. It was unplanned, but I loved those shots so much more that the sitting up ones! They just look so much more relaxed and happy, and I like that their heads are close together. You can’t see their shirts as well, but I don’t mind that. I love this picture so much I’m going to print it and frame it :)

Day 58

Day 58

Showing my body some love by getting out and walking more. I try and walk every day after I drop my daughter off at school, and I also just signed up to walk a 5K in a couple of weeks. I hope to run it next year. Right now I don’t have enough time to train, but as Evan gets older and Edward moves into Kindergarten my schedule will open up a little.

Day 59

Day 59

I started the month with my wedding rings, and I end it with my wedding dress. Every bride knows how important it is to find the perfect dress for the day she promises to love her husband for all eternity. I had mine custom made, and I loved it. My husband said he did too. It’s been hanging in my closet wrapped in plastic for the last 8 years, so it was fun to get it out again. I took it outside so I could get some nice soft natural light for the shot.

And that’s February done! I had a lot of fun with this month’s theme of ‘love,’ and next month should be even funner…the theme for March is ‘Famous Movies Recreated with Tiny Action Figures!’ A bit of a mouthful, but I’m so looking forward to this one! I have my team assembled (see below) and we are taking suggestions. Just leave a comment if there is a movie you’d like to see recreated with tiny action figures :)

Ready for action!


My Bump and Natural Light

My brother got me this book for my birthday in June. It’s all about using natural lighting for portraits. It really inspired me to try out the techniques described, so I decided to try and get some nice pictures of myself as I hit month 8 in my pregnancy.

I found a place in my house where we get a lot of nice natural light, by the patio doors at the back of the house. I cleared all the clutter out of the way and hung a white sheet at right angles to the window for the backdrop, then set up my camera on a tripod opposite the sheet and set the self-timer.

First I took some full body shots:

I tried a couple of different poses, looking thoughtfully into the distance, and gazing down at my bump. I was pleased with how they came out. I took a few more than this, these are the ones I was most happy with.

Next I tried some closeups of just the bump:

I was really pleased with these. The last one is my favorite, and the first one is a close second.

What did I learn? I’ve always preferred using natural light, and most of my professional shoots in the past have been done outside. I think I’m off to a good start using natural light in a more traditional indoor studio setting too, and I’m looking forward to experimenting some more.

There are a couple of things I would do differently if I did this shoot over again. First, I would iron the sheet I used for a backdrop. It had LOTS of creases, and I ended up spending a lot of time in post-editing trying to hide them. Secondly, I would move the camera so that it was facing into the room more, as opposed to being at right-angles to the window. I think that would help eliminate some of the shadows on the right side of the frame, and just overall light the subject better.

In a couple of weeks I’m going to try and get some family pictures of us all before the baby arrives. I’ll be doing that out in the back yard in the shade of the trees. Here’s hoping big brother and sister cooperate!