2013 Photo-a-day: March

Something a little different this month! The original theme for March was ‘Shapes,’ but towards the end of February, as I started thinking about what I might shoot for that theme, I became worried that the pictures might start to get boring. So I brainstormed for a while, and after remembering this series of photos I had come across a while ago, a new theme was born – ‘Famous Movies Recreated With Tiny Action Figures.’ I knew I could have a lot of fun with that, and ideas immediately flooded my brain! So I gathered four of the most pose-able action figures from my kids’ toy boxes, and the fun began :)

Day 60 - Jurassic Park

Day 60 – Jurassic Park

Day 61 - Titanic

Day 61 – Titanic

Day 62 - Lord of the Rings

Day 62 – Lord of the Rings

Day 63 - Three Men and a Baby

Day 63 – Three Men and a Baby

Day 64 - Jaws

Day 64 – Jaws

Day 65 - Bringing Up Baby

Day 65 – Bringing Up Baby

Day 66 - Superman

Day 66 – Superman

Day 67 - Star Wars: Episode IV

Day 67 – Star Wars: Episode IV

Day 68 - Goldfinger/Octopussy/Licence to Kill/GoldenEye/Skyfall - take your pick :)

Day 68 – Goldfinger/Octopussy/Licence to Kill/GoldenEye/Skyfall – take your pick :)

Day 69 - My Neighbor Totoro

Day 69 – My Neighbor Totoro

Day 70 - Flight of the Pheonix

Day 70 – Flight of the Pheonix

Day 71 - Finding Nemo

Day 71 – Finding Nemo

Day 72 - Honey I Blew Up the Kid

Day 72 – Honey I Blew Up the Kid

Day 73 - Splash

Day 73 – Splash

Day 74 - Top Gun

Day 74 – Top Gun

Day 75 - Up

Day 75 – Up

Day 76 - Life of Pi

Day 76 – Life of Pi

Day 77 - Robin Hood (Wedding scene)

Day 77 – Robin Hood (Wedding scene)

Day 78 - Big

Day 78 – Big

Day 79 - The Poseidon Adventure

Day 79 – The Poseidon Adventure

Day 80 - How to Train Your Dragon

Day 80 – How to Train Your Dragon

Day 81 - The Cat in the Hat

Day 81 – The Cat in the Hat

Day 82 - The Blair Witch Project

Day 82 – The Blair Witch Project

Day 83 - Black Beauty

Day 83 – Black Beauty

Day 84 - Anaconda

Day 84 – Anaconda

Day 85 - Tarantula!

Day 85 – Tarantula!

Day 86 - Lawnmower Man

Day 86 – Lawnmower Man

Day 87 - Snakes On a Plane

Day 87 – Snakes On a Plane

Day 88 - The Ten Commandments

Day 88 – The Ten Commandments

Day 89 - Back to the Future

Day 89 – Back to the Future

Day 90 - Harvey

Day 90 – Harvey


2013 Photo-a-day: February Week 4

Day 53

Day 53

Love hearts, a traditional Valentine’s treat. I went outside so I could shoot these in natural light, and tried to arrange them so they looked like they had been casually dropped.

Day 54

Day 54

We’ve had some beautiful weather lately, so I decided to take advantage of it to get this shot. I love the heart shape of these leaves, and the shadow looks great too. To get the shot I had to hold the leaf in such a way that you could clearly see the heart shape of it and the shadow, as well as keeping my hand and the stalk out of the frame as much as possible. I actually tried cropping my fingers out completely, but that made it look like the leaf was floating, and looked a little weird.

Day 55

Day 55

My littlest love is ready for solid food! We’re taking it slowly, and on the advice of a friend we are letting him try things for himself rather than trying to force-spoonfeed him. I offered him some tomato flavored corn chip puff thingies, and he loved them! Although so far he prefers to suck them and then spit out the rest. It’s exciting to wonder what foods he will come to love though :)

Day 56

Day 56

This was an interesting shot, and not what I originally planned this day. I wanted to get a shot of the Chinese symbol for love, but in an interesting way. I also wanted to get a shot of the beautiful cherry blossom which had just started blooming, but couldn’t think of a way that it represented ‘love.’ So I decided to use the blossom to create the Chinese symbol for love. I printed out a large copy of it, then gathered some blossom and stuck it to the paper. My kids helped. It was fun, but we got a little ‘blossom happy,’ and by the end it was very hard to see the symbol at all, it just looked like a mass of blossom on white paper! So I came up with a plan B – I got a nice shot of the blossom and superimposed the symbol over the top. Although it was not what I originally wanted, I like the effect I ended up with.

Day 57

Day 57

My three little loves, also known as the Triple-E ;)  I wanted to get a shot of them together during my love-theme month, because the love between siblings is like no other. Edward looks up to his big sister, and Elizabeth is very protective of her brothers. Edward and Elizabeth both adore their baby brother, and Evan lights up whenever they’re around. I know the three of them will be best friends for life. I originally planned to shoot them sitting up together, as I have done before. I put them all in their ‘sibling shirts’ and got a couple of good shots of them sitting on the tiger blanket out in the backyard. Then I decided to to lay them down and try and get their heads close together. It was unplanned, but I loved those shots so much more that the sitting up ones! They just look so much more relaxed and happy, and I like that their heads are close together. You can’t see their shirts as well, but I don’t mind that. I love this picture so much I’m going to print it and frame it :)

Day 58

Day 58

Showing my body some love by getting out and walking more. I try and walk every day after I drop my daughter off at school, and I also just signed up to walk a 5K in a couple of weeks. I hope to run it next year. Right now I don’t have enough time to train, but as Evan gets older and Edward moves into Kindergarten my schedule will open up a little.

Day 59

Day 59

I started the month with my wedding rings, and I end it with my wedding dress. Every bride knows how important it is to find the perfect dress for the day she promises to love her husband for all eternity. I had mine custom made, and I loved it. My husband said he did too. It’s been hanging in my closet wrapped in plastic for the last 8 years, so it was fun to get it out again. I took it outside so I could get some nice soft natural light for the shot.

And that’s February done! I had a lot of fun with this month’s theme of ‘love,’ and next month should be even funner…the theme for March is ‘Famous Movies Recreated with Tiny Action Figures!’ A bit of a mouthful, but I’m so looking forward to this one! I have my team assembled (see below) and we are taking suggestions. Just leave a comment if there is a movie you’d like to see recreated with tiny action figures :)

Ready for action!


2013 Photo-a-day: February Week 1

Day 32

Day 32

This month’s theme is love, so I decided to start with a symbol of my husband’s love for me. I wanted a nice satiny background that would resemble a wedding dress, so I used my son’s baptism outfit that I had handy. I simply scrunched it up a little to give it some shape, and it worked great.

Day 33

Day 33

Many days this month I’ve been able to use events that were already planned for my photos, rather than needing to seek out and set up shots like last month. This is the first example of that. My children were invited to a birthday party, which included the customary piñata. You can see by the look on the birthday girl’s face how much she is loving the game! You might think this was a lucky shot, but to get it I had to shoot continuously as she swung the pole, to ensure I got ‘the moment.’

Day 34

Day 34

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and the nation ground to a halt as everyone watched to see if the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens would win. Although we support the Pittsburgh Steelers in this house, the family still enjoyed the game.

Day 35

Day 35

My daughter made this hairband with a kit she got for Christmas. She noticed my hair was getting in my eyes (because I’m overdue for a haircut) so she gave me the hairband to wear. How could I refuse? Luckily it is pretty cute, and just happened to match my sweater. To get the shot I simply put my camera at one end of the table, set the timer, and sat at the other end. Confession time – I did airbrush out a few wrinkles in Photoshop :)

Day 36

Day 36

My daughter had to do a ‘100 project’ to celebrate the 100th day of school. We talked about what she should do at length, and she threw out all my ideas, until I suggested she take 100 photos with my camera. She jumped at that idea! And it turns out she has a good eye – she got some really good shots (see the end of the post for a picture of her final project). I love that my love of photography is spreading. She used my old D40 camera. I bumped up the white balance to give this picture a really warm feel – her hair is not actually that red.

Day 37

Day 37

These are 2 of my closest friends. We started a new bible study together last month, and try and meet weekly to discuss what we are learning. The love shared between good friends is indescribable and priceless. The fact that we are sharing our love of Jesus with other only strengthens that bond and makes it that much more special.

Day 38

Day 38

My mum has not been able to visit us for a year due to her commitment to care for her own mother back in England. She obviously misses her grandchildren very much, but her love reaches across the miles. She made this hat and cuffs set by hand (crocheted) and mailed them to us. It was a lovely surprise for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's 100 Days of School project

Elizabeth’s 100 Days of School project

My First Wedding Shoot

I don’t claim to be a wedding photographer. I don’t have the experience or the equipment I feel is necessary for such an important event. However, when my nephew asked me to be the official photographer at his wedding last fall, I was honored and excited to accept. The day went beautifully, and I was very pleased with the results I got (and I think the happy couple were too!). I thought I would post a few of my favorites, and explain why I like them.

Final Touches

I caught the bride, Lauren, applying the finishing touches to her make up. For a slightly different result I decided to focus on her reflection on the mirror, and I love the result. I thought this shot would look great converted to sepia.

Don’t spill it!

I kept my camera ready at all times, so I was able to capture this fun shot of the bridesmaids attempting to keep the dress free of any spills.

Beautiful Bride

I just love this shot. Lauren was standing below me, and was back-lit with bright sunshine coming in through the front door. It surrounded her with a luminous glow as I looked down on her. Her smile and gaze are just perfect too.

Amazing smile

Another one taken from above. Lauren is sitting on some stairs, now lit from the front by the sunshine, and I leaned over the railing to get the shot. I love the look of joy on her face, and I think the black and white finish is a nice choice.

Mirror, mirror…

This was a shot specifically requested by the bride, and I love how it turned out. Again I focused on the reflection, keeping the back of the bride also in the frame. This time I left the reflection in color with the rest of the image in black and white. It almost makes you feel that the reflection is the real person, and makes you study the picture for a while to take it all in.


I love the lighting in this shot. Once again the sunlight is coming in behind Lauren, but this time it’s muted by the net curtains so it’s not so overpowering. I love her relaxed pose on the couch, something she did naturally, and I really like the muted colors and the glow behind her and catching on her dress. It gives the picture a very serene look.

The Ring

Another one of my all-time favorites. Such a simple shot, but it came out beautifully. Once again we have the lovely lighting from the window. I softened the whole image, then re-sharpened just the ring. It really makes the ring stand out.

Sneaking a glance

This is near the beginning of the ceremony. I love the sneaky glance Mike, the groom, is giving Lauren.

The view from the back

I love this shot taken from the back of the church, as it shows off the beautiful architecture of the church, as well as capturing the bride and groom kneeling as they prepare to make their vows, and the guests in the pews. A little bit of everything.

The kiss!

They’re husband and wife! Another shot that just came out perfectly. All I had to do was soften it and convert to black and white for that classic wedding image.

She’s all mine

This was another unplanned shot that came out beautifully. We were waiting around outside for everyone to get organized, and I asked them to sit on the steps for a few pictures. This was the first one I got. I love the natural pose, the bright colors, and of course the look on Mike’s face!


Time to move on to the reception, and I wanted to make sure I captured all the little details that went into the event. This is another simple shot that will prove to be a cherished memory of the day.

Time to party!

Of the many photos I took at the reception, this is one of my favorites. Mike and Lauren look so happy and relaxed. I love the lighting, too. I turned my flash off and just used the disco lights, and it worked much better than I expected.

It was a wonderful day. Although I worked hard, I was still able to enjoy the celebration of my nephew’s marriage. And the hard work was worth it. I ended up with over 300 hundred great shots for the couple to keep. I have no plans to start doing this professionally, I prefer to stick to portraits. But if another friend asked, I wouldn’t say no :)